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Dining Igloo

  • for FULL DINING experience
  • Seats up to 6 guests | No more than 6. Including Children.
  • Reservation time: 90 minutes

Lounge Igloo

  • Seats up to 8 guests | No more than 8. Including Children.
  • Reservation time: 90 minutes

Things to Note


Dining Igloo: 6 | Lounge Igloo: 8 - No more than the listed capacity for each igloo, please. This includes children. We understand they are small. We ask that you respect our capacities.

When making a reservation, you will notice that there is only the option to reserve for ONE (1) Guest. This is intentional! Consider "Guest" to be a "Table". We will have enough room for your party of 6 or less in a dining igloo, and 8 or less in a lounge igloo! 

Thank you!

Reserve an Igloo